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UAB IDDRC Cores and Imaging Resources
The UAB IDDRC is comprised of an Administrative Unit (Core A) and 3 Research Cores (B,C, and D). Together the core units provide an umbrella of “truly enabling” services to the IDD research community, spanning areas of emphasis from gene identification to cellular/molecular analysis -- all the way to the generation of animal models of the disease of interest. Each core is fully staffed with Ph.D. level scientists who can implement novel research approaches and/or teach investigators on proper use of technologies. The links below provide access to web pages detailing each core's activities and key UAB IDDRC neuroimaging resources.

Core A - Administration and Biometry Core
Co-directors: Alan K. Percy, M.D., Bruce Korf, M.D.,
and Harald Sontheimer, Ph.D.

The overall objective of the Administrative and Biostatistics Core (Core A) is to provide administrative support services to investigators at the UAB IDDRC including scientific and administrative leadership for the IDDRC as a whole and management of the fiscal and personnel activities necessary to achieve the objectives of the IDDRC. Detailed Core A description

Research Core B - Recombinant Technologies

Co-Directors: Michael Brenner, Ph.D. and
Anne Theibert, Ph.D.
Core Contact: Scott Phillips, Ph.D., Technical Director. Phone 205-975-2333. Core is located in SHEL 960,962, and 972.

The Recombinant Technologies Core (Core B) is designed to fulfill critical gaps in core support for projects related to developmental neurobiology. Specifically, this core along with Core C has been designed to serve as a cost-effective, intellectual and technical focal point for the bench scientists who address issues of nervous system development and function that are germane or directly related to IDD. Detailed Core B description

Research Core C - Developmental Neurobiology Imaging and Tissue Processing
Director: Lucas D. Pozzo-Miller, Ph.D.

The Developmental Neurobiology Imaging and Tissue Processing Core provides state-of-the-art equipment and technical support for experimental projects on the assembly and modulation of synaptic, neuronal, and glial structure and function. By sharing technical expertise, equipment, facilities, and professional staff, the Core facilitates cost-effective, cross-project collaborations.
Detailed Core C description

Research Core D - Developmental Genomics
Co-directors: Bruce Korf, M.D. and Ludwine Messiaen, Ph.D.

The Developmental Genomics Core (Core D) represents a new component of the UAB IDDRC created by integrating the resources from three existing groups: the Genomics Core Laboratory of the GCRC, the Heflin Center for Human Genetics, and the Medical Genomics Laboratory of the Department of Genetics. Detailed Core D description

UAB fMRI Laboratory
Director: David Knight, Ph.D.
Provides clinical functional magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy capability, equipment for advanced IDD imaging variants such as functional fMRI and fMRI/EEG, technical support for data collection, and assistance in study design for researchers interested in utilizing non-invasive assessments of clinical populations.