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This page provides links to PDF files listing research publications related to the activities of each Core. Additional links to research publications can be found by visiting each scientist's site found on our IDDRC Scientists pages. News and links for consumers can be found on the news and information section of the UAB IDDRC web site.

Core A - Administration and Biometry Core
Co-directors: Alan K. Percy, M.D., Bruce Korf, M.D., and
Harald Sontheimer, Ph.D.

Summary list of publications acknowledging
P30 support
years 2003-2007

Research Core B - Recombinant Technologies Core
Co-Directors:Michael Brenner, Ph.D. and
Anne Theibert, Ph.D.
(David Curiel and Tim Townes, Consultants)

Publications associated with Core-B resource utilization

Detailed Core B description

Research Core C- Developmental Neurobiology Imaging and Tissue Processing
Director: Lucas D. Pozzo-Miller, Ph.D.

Publications associated with Core C

Detailed Core C description

Research Core D - Developmental Genomics
Co-directors: Bruce Korf, M.D. and Ludwine Messiaen, Ph.D.

Core D is a new Core unit for the UAB IDDRC that combines activities of previous cores. Publications associated with Core D