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Scheduling Core Facilities
Core facilities are in a variety of locations at UAB. Please contact the appropriate Core when seeking to use resources. Resource listings are available on each of the Core's web pages.


Administrative Resources (All Cores)
Anne Wailes, Program Director 1, Department of Neurobiology and the UAB Civitan International Research Center
Phone: 205.975.0259
Fax: 205.975.7394

Biometry Resources
Russell Kirby, Ph.D., Professor, UAB Maternal and Child Health


Please contact Core B Technical Director Dr. Scott Phillips for information or access related to Core B resources.


Scheduling Core-C Microscopes

Core-C microscopes may be scheduled using an online scheduling system. Members of the Neurobiology Department: Use your current User ID and Password to access the Outlook Mail server, as you do for remote e-mail access. Outlook calendars are straightforward to use. Authorized users can create/modify/delete their own reservations, but cannot alter existing reservations. Users from outside the Department of Neurobiology should contact Dr. Lucas Pozzo-Miller for sign-up instructions to create a user ID and Password to access the scheduler. Click here if you have a Password and ID click here to access the scheduler.


Clinical Information
Bambi Burns, RN, Research Nurse Coordinator, UAB Department of Genetics Chair's Office
Phone: 205.934.9595

Administrative (Genetics Department)
Patrick Packer, Project Coordinator, UAB Genetics Department Chair's Office
Phone: 205.934.9423
Fax: 205.934.9488

Contact Core-D staff for more information in the specific resource area of interest.

fMRI Neuroimaging Lab

To schedule resources please contact David Knight, Ph.D.
You may also contact the IDDRC Administrative Core if you have inquiries concerning the use of the fMRI facility.

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